Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Putin is the Richest Person in The World

Russia's President Vladimir Putin toasts during a ceremony of receiving diplomatic credentials from foreign ambassadors at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, May 28, 2015.

 Former Kremlin banker: Putin 'is the richest person in the world until he leaves power'
The man who used to be the "Kremlin's banker" says that as long the Russian president Vladimir Putin remains in power, he's the richest person in the world.
“Everything that belongs to the territory of the Russian Federation Putin considers to  be his," Sergei Pugachev told The Guardian's Luke Harding. "Everything – Gazprom, Rosneft, private companies. Any attempt to calculate it won’t succeed.
"He’s the richest person in the world until he leaves power.”
Although Putin's exact wealth is unclear, hedge fund manager Bill Browder previously estimated it at $200 billion during an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.
(As a reference point, that would make Putin 2.5 times as rich as Bill Gates, who is considered to be the world's richest man.)
"After 14 years in power of Russia, and the amount of money that the country has made, and the amount of money that hasn't been spent on schools and roads and hospitals and so on — all that money is in property, Swiss bank accounts, shares, [and] hedge funds managed for Putin and his cronies."
The "first eight or 10 years about reign over Russia was about stealing as much money that he could," Browder added.
Pugachev said Putin's immense wealth is not an accident.
"Putin wanted get rich, too. He was a pragmatic person," he added. "We talked about this. He didn’t want to leave office poor."
Back during Putin's first two terms, Pugachev was a big player in Moscow. He founded Mezhpromback (International Industrial Bank) in Moscow in 1992, and soon known as the "Kremlin's banker." He even claims to have been one-third of threesome that put Putin into power.
However, relations between Putin and Pugachev soured in 2010, and he ultimately fled to London in 2011.

Putin and Pugachev, photo dated July 28, 2000.

The fact that, as per Pugachev, Putin considers everything in Russia "to be his" might seem shocking, but it's important to note that the concept of property rights in Putin's Russia is rather different from that of the West.
"A prominent businessman ... said that Mr. Putin had eroded the very notion of property rights in Russia, even for those who displayed fealty. He said that Mr. Putin himself had described private ownership of strategic industries with the Russia word to roost.
"‘A chicken can exercise ownership of eggs, and it can get fed while it’s sitting on the egg,’ he said, ‘but it’s not really their egg,’” according to the New York Times.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Serena Williams' physique tantrum

Samantha Stosur 

And you England Wimbledon sophisticated liberal sports writers along with the, US sportswriters had nerve to ridicule, Serena Williams about her physique!!, However those same hating, racist, bigots haven't said nothing much if anything about, Samantha Stosur physique!
 Although at least, (Serena physique) she still has femininity about hers, and so with that, need I say more!! At my first take, (Samantha Stosur) I thought she was, Bruce Jenner. I mean excuse me,.... Ms.Kaitlyn Jenner bust'in out in the female tennis world!!

By L.L.R. L.LR.

Serena Williams 

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I have known Kate for many years and if I were to write a book of instructions using Kate as a guide, I wouldn’t have been able to describe her better than my Boss Fidelis Duker.
This is what he wrote:
 Happy birthday to my sister from another mother! An epitome of humility, kindness, compassion and love. The one I call offiong. A distinguished thespian, the first nollywood actress to win the award for upcoming actress in 1995 for the film WHEN THE SUNSET at the maiden edition of the THEMA awards which incidentally was Nigerians first movie award put together by the duo of Kunle Bakare and femi akintunde johnson (FAJ) of the celebrity softsell FAME. She was to return in 2008 at the AMAA awards to win best actress in a leading role for her scintillating performance in "stronger than pain" alongside Nkem owoh. What you cannot take away of this talented TV host, actress, mother, politician, social worker and philanthropist is her commitment to anything she puts her mind to do. I can vouch that her, her word his bond. Offiong could be very stubborn at times and that's why we call her "tom boy" however, give it to her she's is respectful and always ready to fight for the oppressed. Ageless former model who did a couple of national TV commercials in the late 80's and returned years letter to be the brand ambassador of several products and organizations. What you can't take away from her even as she ages gracefully is her completive edge with the younger ones which is lacking in many of her contemporaries. To "eyene kan mi" Offiong Kate Henshaw who has acted in over 100 films winning several awards. I wish you a happy birthday and best of your heart desires.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Actor Chukwudi Leonard-Oji Looking Beyond Nollywood.

The name Chukwudi Leonard-Oji will always ring bell when you discuss about Nollywood the most popular movie industry in Africa. His career has spanned through many years of hard work and commitment as an actor in the Nigerian film industry today. He has earned himself many admirers and fans across Nigeria and Africa in general in course his profession as a versatile actor that can kill any role given to him.

Chukwudi’s towering personality 6ft 1” make every girl’s head turn around whenever he appears on red carpets, no wonder he is fondly addressed as the
ladies man but he has never been distracted by this because ones you are in the public eyes you should expect that; more importantly if you are the charming time. He is such a handsome dude that can make any wife emotionally unstable but he always keeps his head high and strictly professional to his very best.

The Light skinned, brown eyed actor has appeared in several movies, soap series and TV Shows which includes
 Playing "Hassan" in AMBO 5's "ALERO'S SYMPHONY" Director: Izu Ojukwu.

 As Pastor Thomas in Royal art's "ON BENDED KNEES" Director: Lancelot Imaseun.

As Dayo Ibrahim in Adonis production's "VALOR"- Director: Niyi Akinmolayan,

As Chidi in Something Unusual Studio's "FACADE"- Director: Nodash ,

As Mike in Toka Makbaro's "IKOGOSI, THE LAST TURN ON THE LEFT-Director: Toka Mcbaro,

Uche Jumbo Studio's "A MOTHER'S FIGHT" - Producer: Uche Jumbo,

As Charles in Africa Magic Original Films' " SEQUENCE" - Director: Uzordima Opechi,

As Agrnt Duma in Africa Magic Original Films' "WHEN YOU DIE"-Director: James Omokwe, Series:

As Sunom Idibia in MNET Africa's "TINSEL"- Producer: Rogers Ofime,

Koga Studio's "EVE"- Producer: Jahto ,

As Azuka in Common Ground Production's "THE STATION"- Producer: Allen Scheid,

TV Shows:"MTN n U" (host),Jason's Height's "DESERT WARRIORS" (host), CGP's "THE ACADEMY" (competitor).

Playing all these roles he is very focused getting to greater heights and currently Producing films which some of them will be screened during the 6th edition of the annual Eko International Film Festival coming up November 16-21,2015 at the prestigious Silvrbird Cinemas Victoria Island Lagos. Nigeria.

When you ask Chukwudi Leonard-Oji what next, he will simple tell you that he is looking beyond Nollywood.

                                         Chuks on Set

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Serena Williams' career keeps getting more historic - the World No.1 battled past GarbiƱe Muguruza for her sixth Wimbledon, 21st Grand Slam title and second Serena Slam, she won championships, 6-4, 6-4.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Warwick Law School student Nkechikwu Azinge, Received Queen’s Young Leader Award.

Congratulations to Warwick Law School student Nkechikwu Azinge, who has been awarded a Queen’s Young Leader Award.
Nkechikwu was recognised for setting up the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation in Nigeria to help people with the hereditary blood disorder sickle cell anaemia and to educate young people about the condition. Her award was presented by the Queen in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace