Sunday, January 15, 2017

iREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival 7th edition

The 7th edition of the IREPRESENT International Documentary Film Festival will hold from 16th-19th March 2017 at Freedom Park, Lagos with the theme "ARCHIVING AFRICA." Conceived on the traditional thematic framework of Africa in Self-Conversation, the IREP Film festival 2017 will rigorously explore the opportunities open to Africa to bring its historic past into an archival system that is accessible on demand, and most importantly, how we can begin to use these materials to define a path for the future through storytelling.
Africa has always been faced with a major challenge of connecting the dots in its historical past. A large part of what constitutes the verifiable history of Africa's past today is sourced from the west. The facts of our historical journey are told to us by western imperialists and we simply regurgitate what is made available to us. In an age when even technology is looking 'forward' into the past to understand what is most valuable to our humanity, many African societies are shrouded in a blanket of collective amnesia. Decades after the last of colonized society in Africa has gained independence, the legacy of European dominance remains - we must recourse to Europe to peep a glimpse of African history and cultural properties because they are mostly domiciled outside of the continent. Our history is ours in bits that is allowed to us from the West! Documentary/documentation films must respond to this, if it must by any chance, put a stop to the tragedy of forgetfulness in Africa. Storytelling is essential to nation building; each cultural property that is locked away in archives and museums in Europe is a repository of our history, journey and insights into what we can become.
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eko International Film Festival date: October 23-28, 2017.

We're delighted to announce the 2017 Eko International Film Festival date: October 23-28, 2017.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

VOTE IKPE OMUMA (Guilt).-TV Series selected for AMVICA Award (''Best Indigenous language movie/series (Igbo)

Compliments of the season great people!!!
As you must have heard, our Igbo language TV series on DSTV, ''IKPE OMUMA'', have been nominated for the ''Best Indigenous language movie/series (Igbo)'' at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA)!!! We need your votes to clinch this once again people!!! God bless as you do.............

Here's how to vote via WeChat in the 2017 AMVCAs:

To vote via WeChat, you will need to log on to the WeChat application on your mobile phone.
If you haven’t already, Download WeChat to your smart phone, search for and add africamagictv as a contact.
From ID africamagictv, select VOTE.
If you have not already registered your number with africamagictv on WeChat, you will be asked to validate your phone number. (Please note that if you have already registered for africamagictv voting on WeChat, you will not need to do so again in order to vote.)
Type your phone number in the bottom keyboard with the international code, example +2711 222 3333
You will receive a unique one time pin code via

Title         : IKPE OMUMA (Guilt).......Emotional Thriller
Genre      : DRAMA SERIES
Language: IGBO LANGUAGE (fully subtitled in English)
Duration  : 30 mins grade
Format     : Full HD

Click link for the official thriller


A man troubled by his past deeds, falls in love with a lady suffering from a past occurrence.

Emma is an upwardly mobile guy being tormented by a trauma incident that occurred years ago. As a former HIT MAN, he was involved in the shooting and killing of an average man, Damian and his three year old son, because the kid saw his face. Now after his inability to fall in love due to lack of
Internal peace, he finally comes across Lady, Esther...a new intake in his firm. He has to be a gentleman to the fullest in order to win her love.

He buys her gifts and tries beyond all means to see that she’s comfortable. But in spite of all his efforts, she doesn’t seem to show interest in him. There’s something about this lady that makes her so difficult and blunt, even though he still finds solace with her. Her love tree has been uprooted and her heart sealed, since the day her husband and three year old son were murdered in cold blood. However when Emma hits the limits of her defense with his care and love towards her, she decides it’s high time she put the past behind and move ahead.

But the day she makes up her mind to consider his proposal, becomes the day he comes across her with the picture of her late husband ...the same Damian he took out years ago. This is when she lets him in on her story ...enlightening him on how severe the impact of the loss of her husband and son has been. His heart breaks.

Now the past he was fleeing from, beholds him in the face, for even though his guilty conscience won’t allow him to be at peace with her, she now sees him as her only source of joy ...something she’s not had for long.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

InShort Film Festival December 15-17,2016.

Inshort Film Festival kicks off today !!
Four Points By Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos. 
Opening ceremony starts 10AM
Simple ideas, Great Movies!

Monday, December 12, 2016

7th Eko International film festival winners

Best Feature Film —– Jack Strong


                                Best Nigerian Film —– Just not Married


Best Actor — Marcin Dorocinski of the film Jack Strong
Best Actress ——- Ijeoma Agu from the film Jimi Bendel
Best Supporting Actor ——- Gregory Ojefua from the film It’s Her Day
Best Supporting Actress ——- Adunni Ade from the Movie It’s Her Day
Best Documentary ——- No where to run from Nigeria
Honorary Award Documentary —– US Consulate Lagos
Best Indigenous Film ——– Ileri Ife
Best Actor Indigenous —— Muyiwa Ademola from the movie Eni Owo
Best Actress Indigenous —– Queen Blessing Ebigieson
Best Short Film —– Film Opeyemi
Best Actor Short Film —— Jide Alli from the movie (Bout)
Best Actress Short Film (Bout) —–Nancy Udah
Outstanding Young Actor —– Daniel Udah (Opeyemi)
Outstanding Young Actress Award (Otega) —- Vivian Onyinyechi Nwabueze

Below is the American Film Showcase ,a collaboration between US Consulate Lagos and the 7th Eko International Film Festival 2016 edition.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nigeria Hotel and Tourism Investment Conference 2016

I will be speaking on "Film Festival as a tool for Tourism development", Be our guest. For corporate organisations and professionals get registered.