Thursday, January 29, 2015


Former President Shehu Shagari

My brother, you have contested the Presidential elections 3 times in this country and in all these times,you have never asked me or my people at Shagari village to support your bid. It is very obvious why you can't do that. You don't have the courage after what you did to me. You truncated democracy with a dastardly coup and took away power from me.You humiliated me and made me to suffer,and you took away my opportunity to RULE Nigeria. You said you do not
want democracy in Nigeria.. The same democracy you truncated,you are fighting hard to get with desperation and diabolical power.
You have entered into unholy alliance with some known elements of disunity in the south but let me warn you. You will suffer hard in the hands of Tinubu and his political merchants who will use and dump you as they did to Nuhu. In 2011, you cried publicly when you lost election,and you made provocative and inciting statements that plunged this country into untoward unrest. You provoked our hot- blooded youths with war cries which erupted into post election

violence, that brought Boko Haram into existence, over 500 innocent Nigerians died instantly, most of them youth corpers deployed from one of the unifying agencies of this country. Personally,I do not have a problem with your ambition. It is your arrogance that bothers me. If you cannot summon the courage to ask me and my family to vote for you because you know we would not,why do you think Nigerians would look kindly on your past record of destroying a progressing         
democratic institutions painfully put in place by some respected fathers of this nations like Awolowo and Azikiwe. No my brother. It is time to wake up from your delusion and do the needful if you still have some conscience. I am not writing this to you with vengeance intention. I am a practicing Muslim and we leave matters of vengeance to Allah. I write to you as a Nigerian,your brother and a
statesman who is deeply concerned.Quit the presidential race now and save this country from the dangling sword of Damocles being menacingly wield by the crooks who surround you. This elections is not about you or President Goodluck Jonathan. It is about the unity of Nigeria which can only be assured by being fair. By this I mean,being fair to the people of Niger Delta. We can only do this by
either re-electing Goodluck or substitute him with any of his kinsmen from the South-south as that can only count fair for a people who are entitled to 8 years in the office of the President.
 For the elders council in the north,we have come to the conclusion to work towards realizing that fairness. 4 years more is not eternity. It is not too much of a concession for us to make to move Nigeria forward as one indivisible and united country under one God. May Allah open your mind to see reason.God bless Nigeria
~~ Alhaji Shehu Shagari ( GCFR)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Atiku Abubakar, Endorsed Presidentjonathan And Advices His Northern Brothers And Sisters.

 Atiku Abubakar

Please to all my Muslim brothers and fellow
Northerners, let us not deceive ourselves and be in high hope, GEJ will win this election,. It’s very clear. When the voting starts things will be different from what we're seeing. Don’t go out to destroy thing when Buhari looses please.

My vote and that of my entire extended family and people are for GEJ not because he has done what I expected or performed well but because Buhari is no fit to rule where we have someone like Goodluck
Ebele Jonathan and others. Buhari will be worse than what we are facing now.

Nigerians, we must not go back to former heads of state who have ruled and destroyed the progress and development of
our future, always coming back to rule us again in a democracy era. Does it mean we civilians don’t have what it takes to rule?

Please every Northerner should put
sentiment aside and vote for GEJ. If not for this Boko Haram issues I don’t think GEJ has failed as people are claiming. Ask Buhari the origin of Boko Haram. He said he will make the Country ungovernable for Goodluck if
he looses the election. If you say Goodluck
Jonathan has failed, what do we then say about previous presidents that siphoned all our monies to foreign accounts?

I remain a PDP member.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

ASA Bed of Stone Tour Germany 2015 – Berlin

February 18, 2015
@ 4:00 pm GMT+1

Kesselhaus, Berlin

Asa’s Bed of Stone Tour Germany 2015 is here!!!

The REAL BUHARI - Documentary film


                            The Tales of  Buhari's Years in Power

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jimi Agbaje at the PDP Lagos Trade Fair Rally Lagos

 Jimi Campaigning at Lagos Trade Fair to Igbo spare parts dealers 

Presidential Campaign Rally In Makurdi, Benue

For the records, these photos I've uploaded here are REAL photos from the campaign venue, and not photos taken from Reinhard Bonnke's crusades, like the way APC does!
The pictorial evidences has shown that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is loved across the country, only few miscreant are being misled.
APC are only making media noises, caricature and propaganda.
The best 'CHANGE' Nigerians can believe in till 2019 is Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and not any party of wolves in sheep's clothing.
Fellow Nigerians, be wise and don't be deceived.
God Bless Jonathan!
God Bless Benue State!!

God Bless Nigeria!!!

President Goodluck Jonathan campaigned in Maiduguri

 Sai Goodluck' was the chant